Defence and Aerospace

ACPL has a wide range of products and services for the Defence and Aerospace industry

ACPL’s in-house services include:

  • Precision Machining of Engine components

  • Testing and measurement capabilities

  • Fabrication capability

Elastomeric and Rubber to Metal Bonded products

AerospaceSystem Products :

  • Ducting and Sealing Solutions
  • Anti-vibration engine mounts
  • Fuelinghose
  • Breathing hose

Land System Products :

  • IED Resistant Vehicle Armour
  • Blast Mitigating Components
  • Track pads, wheels and rollers for tanks
  • Suspension Components

RMC-Fluids and RMC-Delivery System products

RMC-Fluids range of products include :

  • Patented GT compressor cleaning fluids that are specifically formulated to remain effective throughout the length of the compressor
  • Inhibitors that are used to eliminate degradation between on-line cleaning
  • Reciprocating engine fluids that are designed to maintain turbo-charger, inter-cooler and induction tracts operating at peak efficiency