Vision, Mission and Quality

ACPL’s existence and growth is governed by its values. Throughout the decades it’s industrial endeavour ACPL has gained maturity with the aid of the strong values that is ingrained in it’s system.

  • Integrity– Remaining true to our company principles and serving our customers with total responsibility
  • Quality– Achieving the finest benchmarks in the industry
  • Expertise– Incorporating and standardizing the best and the most efficient practices.
  • Professionalism– Valuing clients and their money by delivering beyond commitments
  • Ethical practices– Earning goodwill through fair and just business policies
  • Customer service– Understanding and exceeding customer expectations and attaining their trust

Safety, Quality, Delivery and Value are the pillars holding up ACPL.

Safe practice is the priority and ACPL believes that safety comes first. ACPL has developed comprehensive in-process control and quality assurance systems to ensure customer satisfaction. ACPL is proud of its on-time delivery track record and quality of shipped goods. High FPY helps us keep costs competitive providing the best value for its customers